About Me

Oh, Ahlan! (or Welcome!)

Hadil, by Friend Artist Rawan Seder

Hello! Hadil Habashneh here. I am an Industrial Engineer, a Product Designer, and a Maker Ninja.

My interest in digital fabrication and prototyping led me to seek roles in the field, first as an intern at FabLab Irbid, before enrolling in the FabAcademy diploma in 2019. After Fab Academy, I became a makerspace manager for Makers Oasis in Azraq (a small town on the border of Jordan and Saudi Arabia). I helped establish two makerspaces in Azraq camp. Also, I have instructed Fab Academy in 2021 and will continue to do so next year.  

Besides engineering and making, I am a co-founder of Naqsh Science, a Jordanian non-profit organization that offers services and products in the STEM fields for kids and youth. Currently, I am the Head of Experimentation in UNDP’s Accelerator Lab.

In my free time, I like to experiment with biomaterials, electronics, and kids’ products. I hope to change how STEM education is delivered to young kids by transforming study environments into play areas.

Also, I knot bracelets and make curly hair tutorials.